Down and Dirty

Mass Excavation. Whether it is maximizing buildable space by providing multi-level subterranean parking in a downtown, urban environment or constructing a new marina and breakwall, Evans Brothers has the skills, experience, and resources necessary to reach the bottom of any mass excavation project. We understand the intimate coordination that is required between shoring and excavation trades as well as the critical aspects of resource staging in a limited area. Getting to the bottom safely and on schedule ensures that our clients will be out of the ground and begin vertical construction as early as possible.

Grading and Site Preparation. The ability to provide a seamless transition between the demolition and earthwork phases provides our clients with distinct schedule and cost advantages. EBI has a long history of performing earthwork, grading, and paving on a wide array of projects with varying scopes, scales and complexities. Whether it’s performing overexcavation and recompaction in the tight parameters of a city’s of the financial district or scraper excavations cuts and fills across a 50-acre site for a new residential community, Evans Brothers Inc. has the resources and experience to get the job done on time, and on budget and to the satisfaction of the client.

Structural Excavation. From little circles to big squares and all differing sizes and shapes in between, Evans Brothers has dug some of the most intricate and complicated foundations. Staying ahead while maintaining quality control allows concrete work to move forward on time and without costly material overruns.